Align & Flow Membership with Natalie Brite

Your one stop shop for resources, tools, and mentoring to assist you in starting, growing and sustaining a conscious online business

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Welcome to the Align+Flow Membership:

Your one-stop-shop for resources, tools, and mentoring to assist you in starting, growing, and sustaining a conscious online business.

The Align+Flow Membership is your support system through all stages of your business development journey, helping you to grow your brand, business, and self from the space of authenticity and integrity. This membership was created for creative entrepreneurs, Conscious visionaries, and new era leaders who want to revolutionize the planet in a meaningful, impact-centered way. The Align+Flow membership is for people of all social identities who are eager to embody their authentic truth and let their creative spirit lead as they share their medicine and do heart-centered work for the highest good of the world.

Natalie Brite, the founder of the Align+Flow Membership, is excited to support you in illuminating your own revolutionary path to creating a creative, authentic, and sustainable business that aligns with your values, truth, and passions. We are here to do business differently; in a way that transforms our relationship with ourselves, our work, and the world.


About the align + Flow Membership…

Gain access to resources, mentoring, and training that Natalie Brite has created as pathways to help you grow your brand, business, and self with authenticity + integrity.

The Align+Flow Membership provides members with access to the 11 primary portals that make up its curriculum. These portals will support you in developing your own signature ways for cultivating a conscious, values-driven, and authentically expressed business. Outside of the 11 portals that house training, classes, resources, guides, workbooks, and also will find additional portals such as a portal full of guest expert training submissions on a range of topics, a portal containing the monthly member energy reports + leadership guides, and a portal housing new content for the current month. This membership was designed to be high-value and easily accessible to all people. As a member, you have access to high-level mentoring materials and support at an incredibly affordable price!

As a member, you will also have the ability to participate in the Align+Flow Community group for daily support as well as our monthly member masterminds that provide additional value + guidance to help you integrate the concepts taught in the membership.

A Glimpse into the 11 portals that house your member curriculum:

Each of the 11 Align+Flow Portals contains training, classes, resources, and guides that relate directly to the portal’s topic. These portals are ever-changing and constantly growing because new content goes into the membership monthly! As a member, you are granted access to all previously created curriculum as well as all future content curriculum. As an added bonus to the membership, you are granted access to Natalie Brite’s signature classes that are a part of her School of Conscious Leadership (saving you mega money!).

Portal Topics:

  • Personal Development
  • Conscious Business Inner Work
  • Conscious CEO skills + Planning
  • Conscious Branding
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Conscious Business Foundations
  • Conscious Marketing + Creative Content
  • Sacred Social Media
  • Community Building + Lead Generation
  • Conscious Service Development + Delivery
  • Conscious Business Sustainability + Scaling


Beyond the 11 primary portals, there are also BONUS aspects of being a part of the membership. This includes things like...


As a bonus to being an Align+Flow Member, you have constant support right at your fingertips via our membership community space that is hosted on MightyNetworks. Within this space, you will have direct access to Natalie Brite and the other members, giving you a chance to ask questions, get feedback, share your process, and receive additional value within the community group.

No social media dependency:

The communal aspect of this membership is housed outside of social media, within a private member space that is safe, secure, and intimate. There is also an app that allows you to access the member space with ease! The curriculum for the membership is housed within Natalie Brite's online (Teachable) school, which also comes with an app.

Mentorship benefits:

One of the key benefits of the Align+Flow Membership is that the facilitator and founder, Natalie Brite, is actively present with the members and provides office hours specifically to support the members daily. You will not only have high-value training but a high-level mentor at your access!

New content loaded monthly and quarterly:

The member portals are constantly evolving and new content is being added monthly. The members have the opportunity to submit requests for specific topics and areas they would like training on. Each month Natalie produces an Energy Report and Leadership Guide. Each quarter, Natalie releases new curriculum to the membership.

Monthly member masterminds:

Each month we host a mastermind exclusive for Align+Flow Members. This is our chance to get to know one another on an intimate level as well as be supported through specific topics that each month's mastermind is covering. The members get to choose what topics they want to designate the mastermind discussions around.

Guest experts:

The Align+Flow Membership provides additional training that is submitted by guest experts. These trainings add an additional layer of value to the community and the topics the guest experts teach range from womb healing, online advertising, email marketing, human design, energy healing, Ayurveda, and so much more!

Choose the path that best aligns with you below to begin your Align+Flow journey today!

Your Instructor

Natalie Brite
Natalie Brite

Natalie Brite is a Conscious Business + Leadership Mentor, educator, and creative located in Portland, Oregon - serving the world on a global level. Natalie’s Conscious Business Method supports conscious entrepreneurs + creative visionaries in starting, growing and sustaining an online business rooted in authenticity, embodiment, reciprocity, ethics and a triple bottom line impact. Natalie’s work is dedicated to empowering the new era of leaders to collectively bring forward a new standard for how we conduct business; a standard driven by authentic integrity and for the vision of creating a sustainable + thriving future for ourselves, society and the planet.

To learn more about Natalie Brite and her work, visit

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Membership Portal Content?
All curriculum is accessible via your teachable membership portal. Alongside your membership portal content, you will have access to the private member-only MightyNetworks Community group where there is daily discussions, accountability and support ... alongside monthly community masterminds and access to Natalie Brite via membership office hours.
How long do I have access to the portal content?
How does forever sound? As long as you are an actively enrolled member, you will have full access to all portal content, including past month content and bonus content listed. *Note: Cancelling your membership will also cancel access to all portal content. This content is copyrighted and non-shareable.
Am I under contract with the membership?
Nope! You can cancel at any time by simply visiting your student settings and updating your information. If you wish to only enroll for specific months that you wish to receive the portal guides, awesome! You can enroll and cancel as often as you wish. Natalie is available for questions whenever you need support in updating your school information or enrollment.
Are refunds available?
There is a 30 day refund policy available through this Teachable-hosted membership. You can learn more about the terms, polities, and conditions of refund policies here:
When should I expect payments to come out and How do I update my payment information?
You can update all information attached to your membership by simply logging into the School of Conscious Leadership by Natalie Brite and then going to your personal account settings. Payments come out 30 days from the date you enroll. It is the students responsibility to maintain their account information and settings. Natalie does not have access to any private account information. *As a member: Turn on marketing emails to receive monthly email information about the membership!

Enrollment Options

This membership is designed to be high-value at an affordable and accessible price range. The membership offers 4 different pricing options, ranging from a 1-month commitment to 1 year. It is recommended (but not mandatory!) to commit to a minimum of 3 months with the Align+Flow member curriculum. Most members, on average, stay a part of the community for 6 months to a year at a time. The membership is designed to support you through all stages of your business development journey, making it a tool to support you and meet you wherever you’re at! Regardless of whether you’re a brand new business or a seasoned business, the membership has materials that can help you expand and grow. The more you learn and integrate the curriculum, paired with the more you immerse yourself in the supportive member community, the more you will get out of the membership and the more you will see the training’s support you in expanding and growing your brand, business, and self.

Choose the path of enrollment that best aligns with you to begin your journey with the membership.

If you have previously enrolled in another class or course created by Natalie Brite that happens to also be accessible as an align+flow member, there are NO REFUNDS on previous purchases of items purchased prior to becoming a member.

Natalie Brite offers an affiliate opportunity to individuals who align with the concept of this membership and wish to share it with others. To learn more about how you can become an affiliate and reap the rewards, contact Natalie!

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Feel like you need a second set of hands helping you in your business?

Ready to gain more time by having help with streamlining how you create content, market, develop your service materials and manage your business?

Meet the Small Business Assistant VIP tier! The Small Business Assistant tier combines all the benefits of using Creative Market with having your own personal assistant to support you with your small business musts!

In addition to everything that comes with the Align+Flow Membership, the Small Business Assistant VIP tier also gives you access to:

  • Access to monthly / quarterly released template packets that will support you with your content creation, service/product marketing, service development, and business management.
  • Full access to the Align+Flow Membership Resource Center, including all portal training, materials and content.
  • Access to 1 monthly mastermind- Scheduled monthly
  • Access to 1 monthly group mentoring call with Natalie Brite- Scheduled monthly

BENEFITS to joining the Small Business Assistant Tier:

  • Can potentially save you time so you can stay more in your zone of genius
  • Can potentially save you money if you are already spending cash on graphics or templates
  • Can help you to take the guesswork out of content creation, marketing, service development and business management
  • Can support you in creating beautifully branded and stand out content for your business
  • Can help you to become more organized and streamlined in your business
  • Can act as VA support for business owners not yet outsourcing or building a team

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