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Feel like you need a second set of hands helping you in your business?

Ready to gain more time by having help with streamlining how you create content, market, develop your service materials, and manage your business?

Meet the Small Business Assistant: A VIP tier in conjunction to the Align+Flow Membership. The Small Business Assistant VIP tier combines all the benefits of having your own personal assistant and designer in your back pocket, supporting you with your small business musts!

The Small Business Assistant is a VIP Membership tier that gives you access to all of the member center materials within the Align+Flow Membership AND all of the materials present within the Small Business Assistant! You will not only gain education and training on all things pertaining to growing a Conscious Business that impacts and GIVES BACK, but you will also receive access to templates and tools that will make your entrepreneurial journey a heck of a lot smoother! Our intention with the Small Business Assistant is to take some of the WORK off your plate because, let's face it, you have plenty of responsibilities as a business owner as it is. Let us support you not only with education and mentoring, but with your small business musts like content creation, marketing, service development and business management!


As a member of the Small Business Assistant, you can expect to have access to:

  • Canva friendly graphic templates for all of your content creation and marketing musts: These plug-n-play style templates allow you to easily edit them to your liking and signature brand expression and will same you massive time in your content creation and marketing efforts. We will provide you with graphic templates for Canva in varying styles, sizes, themes, and concepts ... as well as in varying types of content and industry focus. No matter what type of business you run, there will be graphic templates that will help you save time, energy, and maybe even some money!
  • Canva friendly templates for all of your service development musts: These plug-n-play style templates will help you in creating things like workbooks, emails, slide decks, website pages, freemiums, lead magnets, and other digital offerings. Think of your service development packs as your guides that will take the guess work out of so many things we do as online business owners! Instead of winging how you're putting together things that your community will be engaging with, let us help you consciously crush it!
  • Business management spreadsheets and guide for all of your conscious CEO musts: The final packet that will come in each quarterly small business assistant kit will contain business management resources to support you in managing your business like the conscious boss you are. We will help you take the stress out of the not so glamorous aspects of running a business!
  • Full access to the Align+Flow Membership Resource Center, including all portal training, materials, and educational content
  • Access to 1 monthly mastermind with your member community and Natalie Brite- Scheduled monthly
  • Access to 1 monthly group mentoring call with Natalie Brite- Scheduled monthly
  • Access to a quarterly Conscious Business Strategy Guide- to help you sync up, align, and get into energetic flow with business themes, concepts, trends, and more...providing you with tips on things like content, marketing, branding, community building, leadership, sales, service providing, and more

Benefits of joining the Small Business Assistant Tier:

  • Can potentially save you time so you can stay more in your zone of genius
  • Can potentially save you money if you are already spending cash on graphics or templates
  • Can help you to take the guesswork out of content creation, marketing, service development and business management
  • Can support you in creating beautifully branded and stand out content for your business
  • Can help you to become more organized and streamlined in your business
  • Can act as VA support for business owners not yet outsourcing or building a team
  • Can help you become more comfortable with graphic design and develop your skills in designing
  • Can help you become more accustomed to creating online materials for your community and clients
  • Can help you in learning how to properly manage your business like the conscious CEO you are
  • Can help you see more results and impact from your content, marketing, and other online business actions!

Each quarter you will be provided access to a Small Business Assistant Packet that will contain templates, guides, and tools for your content, marketing, service development and business management ... saving you time each month on the things that tend to cost us quite A LOT of time to create and set up!

As a member of the Small Business Assistant VIP Tier, you will have access to 1 packet a quarter, where each quarter a new packet will be released to you, allowing you to build up an awesome archive of materials to support you in your business journey!

Within the quarterly packets, you can expect to have access to things like:

A Content Marketing graphics kit (for Canva): That will support you in your content marketing for things like various types of social media posts, blog marketing, podcast marketing, video marketing, IG story posts, Pinterest marketing, email marketing, and more. You know all that time you're spending right now creating content for all of those social media platforms? Yeah, let us help you free up some of that time so that you can devote it to doing more of the things you LOVE!

A service development kit (Canva supported): That will support you in creating things like slide decks, worksheets, workbooks, course materials, 1:1 service materials, email newsletters, product-based business materials, website page layouts, and more. We will take the guess work out of many of the things we tend to create as online business owners and service providers so that you can focus more on delivering your medicine and staying in your zone of genius!

A business management kit: That will support you in things like establishing launch and promotion calendars, website and content sales copy, brand development, management of each department of your business, and more. Feel like you're ready to grow your organization but noticing the back end of your business is a mess? Let us help you clean and tidy things up so that you can be running a rock solid business that is open to receive whatever new growth you desire.

*Note: You will NOT have access to all packets available upon joining. Only 1 packet is released to you a quarter.


In addition to the above, you will also be provided with a quarterly Small Business Assistant Downloadable Guidebook that will give you business tips and ideas pertaining to that season, including an emphasis on current business trends and how to work with them. This will help you plan + strategize your business for the quarter!

And lastly, as if the above information wasn’t enough to get you saying “HELL YEAH, count me in!” … Natalie Brite also will offer a monthly group coaching call for all members of the Small Business Assistant Tier. These monthly calls will be your chance to have a monthly check-in with Natalie, where she will happily answer any business questions, provide feedback, offer live business audits, and more.

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Your Instructor

Natalie Brite
Natalie Brite

Natalie Brite is a Conscious Business + Leadership Mentor, educator, and creative located in Portland, Oregon - serving the world on a global level. Natalie’s Conscious Business Method supports conscious entrepreneurs + creative visionaries in starting, growing and sustaining an online business rooted in authenticity, embodiment, reciprocity, ethics and a triple bottom line impact. Natalie’s work is dedicated to empowering the new era of leaders to collectively bring forward a new standard for how we conduct business; a standard driven by authentic integrity and for the vision of creating a sustainable + thriving future for ourselves, society and the planet.

To learn more about Natalie Brite and her work, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the membership materials?
You will receive access to all Align+Flow Membership curriculum upon registering - including all new content that drops quarterly. You get access to 1 Small Business Assistant PACKET a quarter. A new small business assistant packet with resources, tools, and materials will drop to you each quarter. Once you have access to the content, it stays accessible for as long as you are a member!
Are there contracts?
There are no contracts for subscriptions to the membership or small business assistant. You can cancel or enroll at any time!
What is the refund policy?
Natalie Brite Co offers a 0 refund policy unless there are special circumstances. Teachable offers a 30 day money back refund policy.

There are 3 options available for enrollment into the Small Business Assistant. Please note: As a member of the Small Business Assistant, you ALSO get access to all materials within the Align+Flow Membership!

Get all the benefits of being an Align+Flow Member plus all the perks of being a part of the Small Business Assistant tier, which will ultimately set you up with teaching materials that will help you develop and grow your conscious business paired with business tools that will make your journey with managing your business a heck of a lot easier!

Choose the option that best supports you below!

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Natalie Brite

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